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Welcome to "Ya Dala3" - 4 Weeks Series Intensive!  After two months in Egypt, I will be back directly to New York City.  The series will feature a special guest for the first time, the Egyptian accordion player, Nabawy. Both of us will share the fundamental aspect that will reinforce your interpretation of Raqs Baladi.  We are excited to meet you in person again.

Series will start on Thursdays from October 7th and ends October 28th. All students are encouraged to come for the entire course, we welcome students from all levels. The curriculum and schedule are designed to support the serious dancers who wishes to have a deeper understanding in Egyptian culture and dance. We will give priority to those who sing up for the 4 weeks, while we receive drop-in.  Payment must be completed upon admission in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in "Ya Dala3"- 4 Weeks Series Intensive.  

Nabawy is the leading Egyptian accordion player on the east coast. Born in Cairo, Nabawy learned his craft on the storied Mohamed Ali street, where generations of master musicians and dancers used to live. After playing with some of the top ensembles in Egypt, Nabawy immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1980s. He was a regular at the Ibis club before it closed after 2001, and over the last several decades has played with nearly everyone in the Arabic music and dance scene in the tri-state area. Nabawy is both a virtuoso on the instrument, as well as a deeply soulful and tarab-inducing player. While he's frequently in demand at private parties and dance showcases, this will a rare opportunity to learn from him in a class setting.

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Raqs Baladi is the authentic dance from Egypt, it's essential for all the dancers with interest in focusing on Egyptian Style. During this intensive we will explore the relationship between the dance, music, and cultural aspect to women's femininity.  The meaning of "Ya Dala3" can be described as a woman with sharming energy; flirtatious, attractive, innocent or sweet.  We will focus on understanding the different melodies in Baladi music and how to recognize them. Furthermore, how interprete music and how to execute body movement with a different perspective. Nabawy will explain the importance of recognizing music and the connection between the musician and the dancer. This will be a rarely unique opportunity to study Baladi with live accordion music.  Yallah beena!


Thursdays 7:00pm - 9:00pm

October 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th. 




- Brief introduction about Baladi.

- Certification of Completion for those who complete the 8 Weeks Series.

- Discussion about "Ya Dala3"meaning and how to embody it when dancing Raqs Baladi.

- Series include technique instruction and combos.
- Technique drills to develop the skills necessary for a high-level execution of the movements.

- Live Accordion music by Nabawy.

- 20% discount on Private Lessons during the 4 Weeks Series.


Early Bird Price $260 (Before October 5th)

Regular Price $290 (After October 6th)

Payment must be completed to guarantee enrollment in the 4 Weeks Series.


Limited space: 10

Drop-in $75 Available for participants who are not able to come for all the series.



Bridge for Dance

2726 Broadway 3rd Fl, New York,



Further questions, contact us:


Ya Dala3 - 4 Weeks Series Intensive

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$260 + (Paypal fee $9.91) = $269.91

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