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"I write my life with every dance movement. As I perform,

I dance my past, present, and future to come".

                                 -Natalie Nazario

Natalie Nazario, a Puerto Rican born belly dancer irrevocably in love with her art, is quickly becoming a internationally renowned teacher and performer. Based out in between Puerto Rico, New York City, and Cairo, Egypt.

Natalie specializes in Egyptian Oriental Dance. She has regularly visited Egypt since 2015 in order to experience and understand the culture and modern life of Egyptian people in a deeper way. As a result, she started learning Egyptian Colloquial Arabic in order to interpret the music and dance in a more profound manner. One of the biggest accomplishments in Natalie’s dance career was when she was cast in the famous show Abla Fahita; an Egyptian production where she performed while speaking in Arabic at the Apollo Theater in New York City.


Since 2014 she has been the Artistic Director of Raks Al Zahra, a specialized training for dancers who would like to focus and improve their skills as dancers and artists. She guided more than 50 dancers to grow and achieve their goals.  Each annual show represent an immense inspiration from Natalie’s travels through the Middle East and is also powered by the meaningful connection that is present between her, her dancers and the audience. She was the most nominated film & the winner of Producer's Choice at the Raqs Film Festival 2021 with her Baladi PR video performance

She is expanding her horizons and embarking on a global journey more extraordinary than she could have ever imagined.  The breadth of her portfolio is striking and her rare talent is equivalent to her radiant success here, there and everywhere. Energetic Natalie dares to introduce different styles of dances into one and gives splendor, passion, intent and elegance to her beautiful dance routines, changing the traditional conception of bellydance and becoming a unique individual in this art form.

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