Natalie Nazario, a Puerto Rican born belly dancer irrevocably in love with her art, is quickly becoming a internationally renowned teacher and performer. Based out of New York City 5 years ago, she is expanding her horizons and embarking on a global journey more extraordinary than she could have ever imagined. A performer, instructor and choreographer, with certification from respected programs by Tamalyn Dallal and the Bellyqueen Teacher Training Certification, she is an artist that goes beyond techniques and strict formation in dance. The breadth of her portfolio is striking and her rare talent is equivalent to her radiant success here, there and everywhere. Energetic Natalie dares to introduce different styles of dances into one and gives splendor, passion, intent and elegance to her beautiful dance routines, changing the traditional conception of bellydance and becoming a unique individual in this art form.


She starts off in 2001, taking jazz and hip hop classes, but it wasn't until two years after that she joins the world of bellydancers. She stared her first steps with Janet Vega from Janet's Studio in Puerto Rico then she developped her skills with multiple dance teachers, from renowned dance seminars of the United States, including Aziza, Virginia, Jillina, Tito Seif, Randa Kamel, Ahmed Hussein, Kaeshi Chai, Mercedes Nieto and amongst many others.  Always improving her dance foundation while expanding upon her artistic qualities, Natalie’s talents have taken her across the globe to Austria, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, the United States, Australia, Japan, to name a few.


It's not then by mere luck that she gets hired by Disney Channel from 2008 to 2009. Her perseverance, talent and hard work guides her to become Selena Gomez's Photo Double and Stunt Double in the Princess Protection Program and the Stone of Dreams movies of The Wizards of Waverly Place television hit series. Her exotic attributes and classy dancing are spiced up with college education and achievements as a beauty pageant. On 2009 she receives her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Short after, even though she didn't win the first prize, Natalie gets acknowledged for her radiance at the beauty contests Miss Puerto Rico Petite 2009, “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011” (Our Latin Beauty 2011) and “Las Bellezas de Nuestra Isla 2011” (The Beauties of our Island 2011). Nazario's success as dancer, model and actress on stage, cinema and television helps her assure a spot as one of the most widely recognized contemporary Puerto Rican artists.

Many artists in just one person, after the Disney opportunity Natalie begins to explore the world of on-stage acting at the San Juan School of Dramatic Arts on 2010. For about two years, she takes by storm the stages of the island. She has a leading role on two important shows, “Me las vas a pagar”, which takes place at the Ateneo de San Juan, and “La pasión según Antígona Pérez”, staging at the Center for the Performing Arts of Puerto Rico.


In 2013 she began training at Broadway Dance Center where she broadens her skills towards Ballet, Contemporary and Broadway Jazz. Currently, she is part of two reputable companies in NYC, BellyTrance directed by LaUra and BellyQueen directed by Kaeshi Chai where she teaches and performs regularly. Under Bellyqueen School she founded Sapphire Sisters, being part of this group is an experience that requires discipline and extreme focus in order to polish her techniques. Whether Natalie is coaching dancers individually or teaching a group of students, she has a special ability to connect with people on and off the dance floor.


Recently, she won the People’s Choice Award at the Bellydance Evolution event in Australia, and 2nd place at NYCairo Raks Festival. Additionally, in May of 2014, she founded the Raks Al Zahra troupe in NYC, a group of her most outstanding students where the focus lies in the Oriental and Folkloric Style choreographies.  Since the beginning, there is no question Natalie would choose to take and bloom so successfully in the world of belly dance. She is actively seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as a person, and as a dancer, and performs whenever possible-- not merely to entertain, but to share her heart and energy with those lucky to witness her incredible talents.


"Writing my life with every dance move".

                                 -Natalie Nazario

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