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Welcome to "Bint El Baladi II" - 8 Weeks Series Online!  Yes, Baladi series are back!  I'm so excited and happy to know that many dancers loved Raqs Baladi, which is the authentic dance from Egypt. I will be sharing my Egyptian dance studies to my personal memories living in Egypt.  If your took the Bint El Baladi I, I want to let you know that we will be working more deeply with the different types of Baladi music structure, mango technique will be back and I will be releasing for the first time "3eyoni" technique.  Do you want to know more? Let me take you back in a ride through Cairo and my baladi experience.  Yallah beena!

Series will begin on Wednesday October 7th and ends November 25th. All students are encouraged to come for the entire course, while we welcome drop-in. The curriculum and schedule are designed to support the serious student who wishes to complete the entire course. We will give priority to those who sing up for the 8 weeks. We provide certificates of completion for those who attend the 8 weeks series. Students are invited to learn a new original Natalie's choreography. Payment must be completed upon admission in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in

Bint El Baladi" - 8 Weeks Series Online.


Baladi is the social dance of the Egyptian people that carries more than dance steps, it is culture and traditions. The series will focus in explore the movements along the personality of a baladi women.  During second series we will analyzes the differences between men's style and women's style in Baladi that will give you more knowledge to recognize them.   We will continue with the essential technique and dance vocabulary.  We will be applying my signature Mango Technique that will help to taste your movements differently than "Raqs Sharqi".  Very excited to be releasing my "3eyouni" technique for the first time, this will approach your dance differently we will learn how to dance with your eyes in Baladi.  Improvisation will be an important key during this series, you will develop improvisation skills. I will guide you and support you during the improvisation sections.  One of the most exciting sections will be the "Taqsim" exercises that will help you to explore your inner dance voice.  We will learn how to dance from inside out. 



Wednesday 8:00pm - 9:00pm

October 7, 14, 21, 28 & November 4, 11, 18, 25.


- Certification of Completion for those who complete the 8 Weeks Series.

- Series include technique instruction and combos.
- Brief introduction of the Baladi music.

- Study of Fifi Abdou's movements and style.
- Technique drills to develop the skills necessary for a high-level execution of the movements.

- Performance Opportunity in a group choreography by Natalie Nazario and solo performance.

- 20% discount on Private Lessons during the 8 Weeks Series or for a makeup class in case that you are missing one of the weeks.


Early Bird Price $95 (Until Sept 30th)

Regular Price $125 (After Oct 1st)

Payment must be completed to guarantee enrollment in the 8 Weeks Series.

Reserve your spot at:

Limited space: 10

Drop-in $15 Available for participants who are not able to come for all the series.



All classes, rehearsal and performance will be held via Zoom. Link will be send by email on the first day, 1 hour before the class. The link will be the same one for the entire series. To have a better experience, make sure to download Zoom in your computer and to have a high speed connection. 


Further questions, contact us:

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