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I'm very excited to introduce for the first time a 8 Weeks Series dedicated to beginners.  I love to teach beginners especially if they are committed to truly learn, that's why I decided to create this 8 Weeks Series. It's important to have a great start that will define your dance journey.  Let me take you to explore one of the oldest and exciting dances of the World, learn the movements that will take you to connect deeply with your body.  Bellydance for Beginners 8 Weeks Series will give you an introduction of many ramifications of bellydance.

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Series will begin on May 7th and ends June 18th. All students are encouraged to come for the entire course, while we welcome drop-in. The curriculum and schedule are designed to support the serious student who wishes to complete the entire course. We will give priority to those who sing up for the 8 weeks. We provide certificates of completion for those who attend the 8 weeks series. Students are invited to learn a new original Natalie's choreography. Payment must be completed upon admission in the given time period to guarantee enrollment in Bellydance for Beginners 8 Weeks Series.


Bellydance for Beginners is a introducion that will cover basic movements and basic dance vocabulary.   The series will include a brief introduction to the history of "Bellydance" in the Middle East where is it called "Raqs Sharki". Students will learn basic belly dance technique, posture, shimmies, isolations, undulations and basic traveling steps. During the class you will improve your flexibility and gain extra body confidence. 
Bellydance for Beginners 8 Weeks Series it is educational, empowering and full of enjoyment.  I'm sure you will want to come back! 



Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4, 6, 11 &18.


- Certification of Completion for those who complete the 8 Weeks Series.

- Series include technique breakdown of each step and combos.
- Brief introduction of the Bellydance history in the Middle East. 
- Technique drills to develop the skills necessary for a high-level execution of the movements.

- Performance Opportunity in a group choreography by Natalie Nazario.

- 20% discount on Private Lessons during the 8 Weeks Series or for a makeup class in case that you are missing one of the weeks.


Early Bird Price $185 (Until May 1st)

Regular Price $200 (After May 1st)

Payment must be completed to guarantee enrollment in the 8 Weeks Series.

Reserve your spot at:

Limited space: 12

Drop-in $30 Available for participants who are not able to come for all the series.


Rehearsals on Tuesday every week after the series, 7:30pm - 8:00pm / Fee: $8 each rehearsal of 30 minutes. 

Participants will learn a Bellydance Beginner choreography and they will have the opportunity to perform on June 15th, 2019. The total fee of the rehearsals will be collected on May 7th. Extra rehearsals (probably on Thursdays) will schedule with the students that will be selected. Costumes will be provided or covered by the participants.



Ripley Grier Studios

305 W 38th St. (2 nd or 3rd Floor) Studio number will be at the front desk.

New York, New York


Further questions, contact us:







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