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Egyptian Oriental & Folkloric Dance Training

Directed by Natalie Nazario



Raks Al Zahra Auditions 

 7th Anniversary



Join our Raks Al Zahra 7th Annual Celebration!

Natalie Nazario & Raks Al Zahra are looking for dancers interested in being part of Raks Al Zahra Dance Program. We will be celebrating union, collaboration and dance. Two of the main dancers Jesska and Gabriela will be assisting during the process of the auditions and training. The Garden of Raks is growing!


  • Raks Al Zahra New York City Base: 2 dancers (Minimum of 4 years of experience).


Raks Al Zahra is having two places for permanent dancer who are interested to have exposure to formal performance and develop in a professional level. We are focus to perform and bring this art to the stage in the maximum expression. Local and International Performances opportunities as well competition will be part of the training program. Our mission is to bloom the true and personal art in each dancer during the training and incorporate it to the group performances.  Raks Al Zahra is well known for the connections of each members on stage and more importantly off stage.


  • Raks Al Zahra International: 6 dancers (Minimum of 4 years of experience).


Raks Al Zahra International is a dance program that will give the experience to work with Egyptian Oriental & Folklore Style. We are looking for 6 dancers for one or two time performances on November/December 2021 present or virtual show. The dancers will be featuring Raks Al Zahra 7th Annual Celebration as a core dancers. They will be learning original choreography from our repertoire and new choreographies.  The program will be offer through Zoom and videos.

  • New Seeds: 8 dancers (Minimum of 1 year of experience).

The Garden of Raks is growing, without seeds, no flowers would grow! Beginners/Intermediate dancers are like baby plants that need warm soil, water, and light to begin growing in the next stage.  This new project will guide dancers that after studying for a year or more, they feel the interest to continue growing. This program will give you the opportunity to train yourself in Egyptian Style, to connect with other dancers with the same interest, and the opportunity to perform as a group. It will be a great opportunity to prepare you for future interest in being part of Raks Al Zahra Member. 

Requirements and further details:

A placement audition and application is required to attend the RAKS AL ZAHRA Auditions. The placement audition will consist of a one-hour technique class to show technique and a short 30 minute of choreography to see your availability in learning choreography and coordination with others.

  • Audition Fee $30

  • Audition: Sunday December 13th, 10:00am – 12:30pm via Zoom Platform.

  • Send a email to raksalzahra@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

  • Attire: Sport bra or short tank top, hip scarf, leggins or comfortable pants. 

  • Performance Dates: November/December (It will be announce once the Theater is confirm).

  • Announce of the dancers selected day: December 15th, 2020.

  • All details about the each program, schedule and tuition fee for the entire schedule will be share once the dancer is selected.

  • Send a email to raksalzahra@gmail.com to reserve your spot and for further questions.

We are excited to have you as part of this great experience. We want to keep this a safe & positive environment, We appreciate your enthusiasm & positive attitude.  Looking forward for the audition day and remember, always give your best and enjoy!


For questions or additional information, please e-mail us;