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Performing with Zikrayat Band

Thursday May 12th, 2016

Meridian 23 Restaurant

Australia Tour 2016

January 18th to February 14th

Journey Along the Silk Road

Raks Al Zahra Members Gala

November 24 & 25, 2015

Teatro Círculo 64 E 4th Street, New York

Raks Al Zahra is a based dance troupe in New York City, where the focus lies in the Oriental and Folkloric Style. Actually the members of the troupe are Kaori, Jesska, Gabriela and Amara.


Journey Along the Silk Road Tour 2015

July 4-19

Performing and teaching as a cast of the Bellyqueen Show "Journey Along the Silk Road" in Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand.

World Bellydance Festival 2015

June 25-30

Natalie will performing as a Special Guest in Nagoya.

Yamil Malaika - Japan Tour 2015

June 17-24

Teaching and performing in Osaka and Kyoto.

Street Shaabi Workshop

Sunday June 7, 2015

Samira's School in Roslyn Heights

Gharam - Madrid, Spain

February 21-22, 2015

Natalie will be teaching Oriental Dramatic workshop and performing in Madrid, Spain.

Crystal Ice

Feb 1, 2015 / New York City

Natalie will be performing with talented dancers at the Crystal Ice sponsored by Maki Moves and Nahoko.  Raks Al Zahra by Natalie Nazario will be performing too. For tickets send a email to

Oriental Fusion

Dec 20-21, 2014 / San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cristina Gadea from Spain and Natalie Nazario from PR/NY Workshop and Performances. Featuring Raks Al Zahra from NYC and local dancers. Organize by Natalie Nazario

Oct 18-26, 2014 / Japan Tour

Natalie will be teaching workshops and performing in Tokyo, Japan. Sponsor by Yildiz San, Yumi San and Kazumi San.


May 18, 2014 / NYC

Anahid 35th Aniversary Show

May 2 – 4, 2014 / New Jersey

Performing at Rakkasah Spring Caravan, Middle Eastern Dance Festival


April 10 -13 / New York City

Natalie will attend to the NYCairo Raks Festival.


February 24, 2014 / Queens, NYC

Natalie will be perform as a part of Bellyqueen in “Journey Along the Silk Road” at the Flushing Library.


February 5, 2014 / Manhattan, NYC

Natalie will be featured with Carmine and Friends who will provide Middle Eastern Live Music at Jebon Sushi and Noodles Restaurant.


March 8 – 16 / Sydney, Australia

Natalie will be part of the cast of Bellydance Evolution performing The Dark Side of the Crown this is the last show for the season. Also, she be the opening for the Pre-show.


January 25 & 31, 2014 / Brooklyn, NYC

Natalie will perform as a member with the repertory of BellyTrance Company at 1001 Nights Restaurant.

January 17-19, 2014 / New York City

This course is ideal for serious students, current and aspiring teachers. Participants who pass the written and practical exam will be awarded a Bellyqueen Teacher Training certificate. Deepen your practice and understanding of bellydance with this 17 hr training.

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Teaching and Performances  Schedule

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