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Dancing to Live Music

Performing in Cairo_edited.jpg

The excitement of dancing to live music is magical and dreamy. It makes you feel alive in the perfect moment with the sounds of each instrument. Every time I have the opportunity to dance to live music, it is a time to be fully present on the state of becoming one with all the surroundings; music, audience, and yourself. 


Recently, many of my students asked me about which songs I can recommend to dance to live music. There are plenty and wonderful songs that you can discover and connect with.  I created a list of songs from Classical to Sha3bi songs. They are mainly Egyptian songs, most of them I had performed in Cairo, Egypt during my years visiting and now living here. 


I hope this song list gives you an idea where to start. Get curious and discover more. Enjoy!


Besitos from Cairo, Egypt

Natalie Nazario 

Song List

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