Habibi, did you miss me? Wa ana kaman.

After a short break and an inspiring beginning of the year, I’m ready for a strong start! February is coming full of LOVE for you. Check out the extraordinary schedule focusing in Egyptian dance, culture and language.

FEBRUARY - Inspired by timeless love songs from Egyptian Classic music. Natalie's expression will take you on a visual journey through love in its many forms. Through her signature movements, she will bring to life the words and voices of some of the greatest singers, Oum Khalthoum, Abdel Halim and Warda El Jazeira.

Classes will start on Tuesday, February 2nd with a lovely gift for you. Save the dates, Feb 2-7.


Love, Natalie

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Single Class (Basic to Intermediate)

$15.00 + Paypal Fee $0.73

4 Classes Pack (Basic to Intermediate)

$45.00 + Paypal Fee $1.61

8 Classes Pack (Basic to Intermediate)

$64.00 + Paypal Fee $2.16

Beginner Egyptian Arabic

$60.00 + Paypal Fee 2.04

Single Class (Advanced)

$18.00 + Paypal Fee $0.82

4 Classes Pack (Advanced)

$55.00 + Paypal Fee $1.90

8 Classes Pack (Advanced)

$84.00 + Paypal Fee $2.74

 Egyptian Arabic Practice Group

Suggested Donation $5-$10

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