Dear dancers,


While in taking my "summer break" Sophia Maria will TAKE OVER.  


On 2016, I received a email from Sophia Maria about her interest in my classes.  Since then he dance is blooming like a flower.  She is part of  Raks al Zahra for 5 years and now she is teaching for beginner level. 


Sophia Maria inspiration to dance Raqs Sharqi came naturally after she fell in love with Arabic music and she pairs her dancing with studies in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic. It is her firm belief that it is best to learn as many languages as possible, but if words fail you, dancing is by far the best language to speak!

Enjoy her classes, you will understand what I mean about Sophia.

See you in August, 


Single Class (Advanced)

$18.00 + Paypal Fee $0.82

Single Class (Basic to Intermediate)

$15.00 + Paypal Fee $0.73

4 Classes Pack (Basic to Intermediate)

$45.00 + Paypal Fee $1.61

4 Classes Pack (Advanced)

$55.00 + Paypal Fee $1.90

8 Classes Pack (Basic to Intermediate)

$64.00 + Paypal Fee $2.16

8 Classes Pack (Advanced)

$84.00 + Paypal Fee $2.74

Beginner Egyptian Arabic

$60.00 + Paypal Fee 2.04

 Egyptian Arabic Practice Group

Suggested Donation $5-$10

Other Payment Methods

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