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Pre-REcorded Live Classes

Dear students,

Welcome officially to my pre-recorded live classes.  It makes me very happy that even in the holiday season you will keep practicing and improving your self with me.  All the classes were recorded previously as a live class.  During the class you will see me interacting with the students, that you probably will see them too in occasions.  Just make sure that you follow my instructions during the class even if you see the students, there are some exercise that you need to improvise or perform the combo for me, that way you can apply what you are learning in the class.  If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me.  I will be teaching in December every Saturday 11am EST and two special Sundays.  If you want to join me send me a email for the details.

Have fun, dance and enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

With much love from Puerto Rico,


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