Raks Al Zahra bloomed without expecting the bright journey that was waiting for them. The first time they performed was on May 2014 in Rakkasah Festival in New Jersey. When I saw Kaori, Jesska, Tomi, Anastasia, Olga and Holly (original dancers), performing together I knew that I was giving my best to them and they were doing the same on stage. After 6 years we are still doing the same, I see that energy growing in every Raks Al Zahra Show. It surprises me how that contaugious passion expands over more dancers. If they are improving and fluorescencing, that is happening to me too. I always remind the girls at rehearsal; “The way that we treat others is the same way that you treat yourself”. Dance is the main reason of why Raks Al Zahra was born, however, connecting with each other is part of our mission. We represent movements, feelings and experiences, like we do in our daily life.


The current year has been one of many unexpected changes for all of us. Raks Al Zahra switched to training online for the first time in our history in March of 2020 in an effort to maintain our connection and motivation despite the disruptions of the global pandemic. While rehearsing remotely took some getting used to initially, over time our commitment to our art grew stronger than ever and we learned to energize and lift each other up from a distance. On November 28th, we will re-emerge and share the hope and joy we have cultivated through our dance with you.  

Join us for our first virtual show and support the dancers and our incredible production team with your donations. 

World Premiere on YouTube

Date: Saturday, November 28th - 7pm EST

Place: Natalie Nazario’s Youtube Channel




Raks Al Zahra is a troupe based in New York City, where the focus lies in the Egyptian Folkloric, Classic and Modern Style under the direction of Natalie Nazario. The troupe blooming started in May 2014 as a debut at the Spring Caravan in New Jersey.  In 2015 they won the first place at NYCairoRaks Festival in the group category as well the first place at RakStart 2018. They have been performing in Nevada, Georgia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Japan.  The meaning of Raks AlZahra is embodied in the beauty and awe of a blossoming flower. True to our name, Raks Al Zahra emit grace, beauty, precision, and passion whenever we take on the stage. We bring joy, excitement, and a new perspective to the art of dance that will leave you feeling Al Zahra.

Artistic Director

Natalie Nazario

Main Dancers

Jesska - Dance Captain

Gabriela Figueroa

Sophia Maria

Janelle Isis


New dancers 


Ti Gi


Hanan El-Mutawa



Quick Pay/Zelle: Natalie Nazario (787)-525-3332

Paypal: nataliebellydancer09@gmail.com

Venmo: Natalie-Nazario-2  (787)-525-3332

ATH Móvil: Natalie Nazario (787)-525-3332





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