Raks Al Zahra 7th Anniversary 

What is worth more than gold to you? "Dahab" means gold in Arabic and it is the theme of Raks Al Zahra's 7th Anniversary show this year. The jewels we are seeking in coming together to share our repertoire with you aren't the kind that glisten. Instead the treasure that we are after is in each one of us, it comes from the creativity, resourcefulness and wisdom we have harnessed in our movement and in our artistic journeys in the time we have been working on our craft from afar. The last 2 years have been filled with many challenges for our members, including our Director Natalie Nazario, as we have tried to navigate the ins and outs of remote training and dancing as a group. While switching to an online platform for teaching and performing in 2020 and 2021 was difficult, it brought about a fantastic opportunity to expand our dance company beyond our core group with the addition of Raks Al Zahra International and Rask Al Zahra Seeds. As a result, our dance company has been enriched with both seasoned and blossoming talent from New York and all over the world. To celebrate all of the lessons and blessings we have received in the last couple of years,  Raks Al Zahra will be sharing the wonderful memories from Dahab, last November 21st, 2021 in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. 

What: Dahab: Raks Al Zahra 7th Anniversary

Where: Online Show 

When: May 2nd to May 15th, 2022 

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Raks Al Zahra is a troupe that specializes in various kinds of Egyptian dance including folkloric, classical and modern styles. The group is based in New York City and practices under the direction of Natalie Nazario. Raks Al Zahra blossomed into life in May 2014 when they debuted at the Spring Caravan in New Jersey. Since then they have won many accolades, including winning first place at NYCairoRaks Festival in 2015 and taking the prize for the group category, as well as, the first place at RakStar in 2018 and then again at Heart of America in 2019. They have performed in Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan and across the United States. The meaning of Raks Al Zahra embodies the beauty and splendor of a blossoming flower. True to their name, Raks Al Zahra emits grace, beauty, precision, and passion whenever they take the stage. They bring joy, excitement, and a new perspective to the art of dance that will leave you feeling Al Zahra.

Artistic Director
Natalie Nazario

Raks Al Zahra (NYC)
Gabriela Figueroa
Janelle Jalila Issis
Sophia Maria
Ti Gi

Raks Al Zahra Seeds
Gloria Mendoza
Luana Andre

Raks Al Zahra International
Imane Sioudan - Guadalupe
Jiovanna Acosta - USA
Lamiah - Japan
Lara - Netherlands
Noraida Porrata - Puerto Rico

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